Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #158 – White Swallow, Jade Archer, Q-boy, & Quickie On “Political Activism”


Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #158 – White Swallow,

Jade Archer, Q-boy, & Quickie On “Political Activism”


So for those of you saying “give a Trump a chance” it’s now been a few days and he’s basically stopped the EPA from doing or saying anything, approved pipelines, and blamed millions of illegal immigrants voting for his losing the popular vote. Meanwhile they’re trying to get rid of all the almost universally approved of things in the Affordable Care Act. Is this enough of a chance yet?

So this comic is basically making fun of the early episodes of “Arrow” where Ollie was pretty much just a guy with a list who straight up murdered people with arrows.  The show became better as a whole, but it was kinda great in an insane way. Ollie would get his “Ninja Warrior” on doing that salmon latter thing and then go out a murder people who have “failed the city”. It actually sounds more like a “Batman” villain then any type of hero. Still, good times…

That’s it for this week. There will be new Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations next Tuesday-Thursday with Wednesday being the anniversary of the start of this whole comic with hourly comic day. To quickly explain hourly comic day is described by as “an annual event that takes place on February 1st where participants draw one short comic for every hour that they awake”.

Last year I launched this comic on this day with a comic every hour from 12AM to 12AM the next day, and I’m going for it again this year. To be clear, traditionally people do their comics on the day and I certainly didn’t and am not doing that this year. These comic were and will be made in advance. So far I’ve written about 2/3 of it, and already its pretty nuts! Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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