Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #157 – Special-Girl, Q-boy, Luscious Trapp, & Quickie On Kurupt, “Unsung”, “Dr. Oz”, & Eventually Trump

Criminal And Crimefighter Conversations #157 – Special-Girl,  Q-boy,

Luscious Trapp,& Quickie On Kurupt, “Unsung”, “Dr. Oz”, & Eventually Trump


All the protesting against Trump gives me hope. Maybe we’re not doomed. Maybe most people aren’t falling for this. All of this might be too late, but maybe not.

As I write this the comic isn’t done yet. This is one of the rare ones where I actually added more words than I originally planned. This one is so random and all over the place I tried to make sure I explained things pretty well.

So I watched the last episode of “Supergirl”, the much hyped “Supergirl Lives” directed by Kevin Smith. Someday I have get into a long post about Kev, but that’s definitely for another day. Will always love his early movies though. Anyways for episode with that title you’d expect something BIG to happen.  Yeah not so much. This episodes has the same problems the rest of this season has which are:

  • Wynn sucks. He really takes to another level in this one. Dude’s dead weight, cut him
  • Jimmy Olsen being “Guardian” is stupid
  • Jimmy hiding being “Guardian” from “Supergirl” is even stupider
  • Weak villains

Tomorrow Special-Girl and Luscious are swapped out for White Swallow and Jade Archer as they talk about “policital activism”. Hope you enjoy and see ya then!

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